Event: Moldova Electronics Forum 2022

Moldova Electronics Forum 2022
27 May 2022 11:15
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The first edition of the forum gathered under the same roof companies operating in the field of electronics industry, international experts, representatives of the academic environment who train future engineers and representatives of central public authorities. The interactive format of the event ensured an open dialogue between the participants of the form and highlighted the perspectives of the electronic industry.

The international expert, Mr. Dieter Weiss, founder of in4ma EMS Market Statistics, listed the global trends in the electronics industry and explained how the global semiconductor crisis and the war in Ukraine are reshaping the EMS industry.

Attending the event, the Minister of Economy of the Republic of Moldova, Mr. Sergiu Gaibu encouraged the development of the electronic industry and highlighted the development of technological products with added value. “Public authorities are considering the prospects of creating a park dedicated exclusively to the electronic industry.”

The electronic industry of the Republic of Moldova currently employs more than 170 companies with approximately 16,000 employees, being a forward-looking sector on contributing to GDP, creating jobs and attracting foreign direct investment. Hardware and software, electronic components and devices, smart meters, PLC, printed circuit boards, micro and nano-conductors, SMD and THT mounting, EMS and ECM, design and production of electronic devices, nano- and wired micro-sensors, are part of the wide range of products of moldovan companies. Moldovan specialists have a high training, worthy of competing with other leaders in the field, and the electronics produced is exported to dozens of countries of the world from all continents.

Acem President, Its Informbusiness Director Vitalie Esanu “Exactly 3 years ago, a group of local companies decided to join forces and create an ACEM profile association, which would stimulate the development and competitiveness of the electronic industry, including microelectronics, nanotechnologies, embedded systems, software, research and development (R&D) in the Republic of Moldova. Currently, ACEM is made up of 20 companies and educational institutions in the field and has an annual turnover of over 70 million USD. We aim to establish future-oriented partnerships between private companies, public authorities and other government organizations at national and international level. Moldova Electronics Forum is a proof that ACEM association has managed in such a short time to become a catalyst for the electronics industry and a reliable dialogue partner for moldovan decision makers, foreign and local investors, but also development partners of Moldova.”

Prof. Victor Șontea, Technical University of Moldova offered a retrospective of the electronic industry, telling about the most important stages in the development of the industry: “The tradition of electronic equipment manufacturing in Moldova prevails over the decades, being known as the third largest supplier of electronic equipment in the former USSR.”

Elena Maevski, ACEM project coordinator, provided a description of the industry by presenting the members of the Association of Companies in the Elechronic Industry, as well as details about the results and future projects.

Prof. Viorel Bostan, Rector, Technical University of Moldova: “The success of the sector is attributed to a solid technical and engineering foundation. The curricula of vocational schools and universities are under the continuous control of the entire industry to ensure compliance with the needs and standards of the sector.”

During the forum, there were presented successful stories of Moldovan companies to highlight the competences in the industry as well as the openness of the Republic of Moldova to international cooperation and integration in global value chains.

Ruslan Casico, ADD Group representative: “ADD Grup company produces intelligent systems for electricity and water metering.  More than 7 million meters and water meters have been exported to 33 countries of the world.  We are proud to be able to carry out the production activity, at home, in Moldova.”

In addition to local companies, the Moldova Electronics Forum was also attended by international companies that have production units in Moldova, among them are Magnetec Components – a world-renowned company, specialized in the production of inductive electronic components for machine-building industries, renewable energy sources, electrotechnics, as well as the automotive industry.  The Magnetec Components production plant in Balti municipality totals a total investment of 5 million dollars, currently employing over 370 employees.

Moldova Electronics Forum was organized by the Investment Agency “Invest Moldova”, the Association of Electronic Industry Companies of Moldova (ACEM) and the Organization for the Development of small and medium enterprises sector (ODIMM) with the support of the Project “Advising the Government of the Republic of Moldova in economic policies”, implemented by GIZ Moldova with the financial support of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development of Germany  (BMZ) and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).

Partners of the event: Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Moldova, Technical University of Amoldovei, IPC Global Association for electronics industry, AHK Romanian-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry, German Business Association in Eastern Europe (OstAuschus der Deutschen Wirtschaft), , in4ma Market Research and Analyses, Tekwill.

Event sponsors: ACI Partners, HR-Consulting; Informbusiness; Magnetec Components; MOD Engineering; OrangeSystems; Safe Logic; Sandra; Steinel Electronic; Purcari.